Villino Chapelle – St. Paul’s Bay
onJanuary 15, 2016

We would like to present to you .. style, distinction, warmth, and intimacy. A new developing trend in tourism accommodation. Villino Chapelle in St. Paul’s Bay was built during the turn of the century and will transform into a unique accommodation on the Maltese Islands.

The design concept envisioned by Regent Group, was to convert Villino Chapelle into an exclusive amenities area, and while retaining the privacy of the mature gardens, develop residential suites in the hinder area of Villino Chapelle.  This concept is based on fusing the contemporary with the past through the design of Chapelle Residence.

Our in house design team has strived to create a design that would respect and enhance the existing are Deco of the Villino, whilst creating a design for the apartments that reflects the contemporary architectural style.  The product of this effort is an exclusive development of high quality apartments surrounded by the mature gardens of Villino Chapelle, and enhanced with open piazzas designed to retain the character of the gardens.

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