Giardini Grove
onJanuary 15, 2016

Giardini Gardens is located in the heart of the 17th Century village of Balzan.

This historical village forms part of the three villages originally renowned for landscaped gardens, chapels and barokk villas that are still visable when one goes for a stroll around the village.

The landscaped ground of the Giradini Grove provide a unique taste of the seren enviroment that the village of Balzan has to offer. This development is built around 500 square meters of open space desinged into a landscaped garde that refelcts the tradition of the area.

The architecture of the development brings together the functionality of contemporary standards and the resect for the local prevailing design.

Hence the architectural concept incorporates in it feature of surrounding buildings, such as Maltese close balconies, arches and stone moudlings amongst others.

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